Friday, 7th August 2020

Profollica for Hair Rejuvenation

Among the most common problems that occur in both men and women is hair loss. It may be caused by hereditary factors, but can also be due to some substances that could trigger the condition. Porfollica is a product that is designed to help people experiencing hair loss.

Profollica uses all natural ingredients, which is really a plus factor. It only means that negative side effects will never be a problem. The carefully selected ingredients are scientifically proven to effectively bring back the health of your hair, thus, preventing hair loss and rejuvenating the scalp for hair growth.

The hair treatment system includes 3 different products, the shampoo, activator gel and nutritional supplement. The shampoo brings back the moisture within the scalp as well as eliminating excess sebum, which clogs the hair follicles. The texture of the hair will also be improved when used daily.

The second one is the activator gel. This is designed to effectively reduce the scalp’s DHT levels, DHT is found out to be the substance that weakens and breaks the hair, thus, causing hair loss. Aside from lowering the levels of DHT, the activator gel will also help your hair become noticeably thicker over time.

The third yet an integral part of the hair loss treatment system are the Profollica nutritional supplement. This is taken orally once daily, which contains minerals, amino acids and vitamins that will promote a healthier and thicker hair. Please click here for more info about Profollica.


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