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Profollica: A Two Phase Hair Treatment System

Profollica is a two phase hair treatment system for men that helps in preventing hair loss. The first phase of the system is to consume the supplement on a daily basis. The Profollica supplement comes packed with herbal extracts that are rich in vitamins, amino acid, proteins, enzymes and nutrients. The extracts are blended in a perfect ratio to aid natural hair growth.


It is not just hair strengthening properties of these herbal extracts that come into action when you take the supplement. The supplements also help in treating other problems that can lead to hair loss. A poor diet and problems like stress and depression can cause hair loss. The presence of vitamins and proteins helps in combating these problems as well.


The second phase of the Profollica system is to apply the gel on the scalp on a regular basis to get best results. The gel comes laden with Trichogen which helps in reducing the production of DHT in the body. The gel helps in reducing hair loss to 90 percent. Hence if you have just notices that you hair are falling off, it is highly recommended that you start using the gel at the earliest to prevent further damage.


Some other ingredients of the gel are as follows:


  1. Panax Ginseng extract
  2. Arginine
  3. Gingko Biloba
  4. Salvia Sclarea Extract
  5. Cinnamomum
  6. Zeylacinum bark extract
  7. Kigelia Africana root extract
  8. Soy protein
  9. Actium Majus root extract


All these ingredients work together to not only prevent hair loss but also to propagate hair growth.


Benefits of Profollica


Some of the benefits that users have come across are listed below:

  1. Helping in regular production of sebum and reduction in hair oiliness
  2. Helps in getting rid of itching in the scalp
  3. Improves texture and hair elasticity
  4. Helps restore the natural shine of hair and stops graying of hair
  5. Strengthening hair from its roots
  6. Reduction of thinning hair


If you wish to get rid of your hair loss problems, you can purchase Profollica online by hitting on the company’s official website and placing your order.


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